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Let’s talk about you…and your career in speech pathology!

Are you an enthusiastic, motivated, and compassionate therapistspeech looking for a career in speech therapy?  If you’re looking for a great opportunity where you’ll be encouraged to work within a team, play a significant role in families’ lives, continue your education, and give children loving support…then we ought to get acquainted!

If you are looking to begin your Clinical Fellowship Year then we at Speech Improvement Center can help you with the right CF supervisor to help you start off on a great start.

We are the Speech Improvement Center, and we’re looking for devoted, enthusiastic SLP professionals…..just like you!  Whether you are just starting in the field, already have experience working as a speech therapist, or seeking for part-time work  you’ve finally found your home.

Our competitive salaries, unmatched benefits, sign-on bonus, flexible schedule,vacation, and career advancement opportunities are just a few of the advantages for SLPs joining our team!

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