What if:
Your child is not speaking?
Your child has trouble with certain sounds?
You can’t understand your child or he/she can’t understand you?
Your child has signs of Apraxia, Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD), Autism (ASD), Auditory Processing Disorders (C/APD), Dyslexia, Language Processing Disorders, Learning Disabilities, etc.

Talk to us.
We provide independent consultations and private treatments for preschool and school-age children.
We are attuned to your child’s cognitive, emotional and social wellbeing.
All of our work is built upon communication, relationships and positive self-esteem.
Our extensive training and experience allows us to provide an eclectic approach with a holistic perspective.

– Families seek our CONSULTATIONS for an honest and independent assessment.
– We use understandable and meaningful terminology to describe your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and what can/should be done.
– We engage families in assessment and treatment as we apply a holistic lens, looking at your child’s cognitive and emotional wellbeing in the context of his/her home, family and school.

In TREATMENT, we listen to you and support you.
We work together with you to develop effective strategies that facilitate your child’s speech-language and learning development.
We motivate children to want to succeed, and we make sure they achieve everything they can.

We are experienced and trained in working with children with diagnoses like:

Apraxia / Articulation Problems – we help children produce clearer speech, improving and strengthening their oral motor skills and motor planning system
Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD) – we help children achieve greater attention with cognitive-behavioral strategies (learning skills like organization and time management), and we are comfortable discussing medications, exercise and alternative treatments to make sure your child does his/her best at home and in school.
Autism (ASD) and Asperger’s Syndrome – we help children with a dynamic approach that integrates a developmental perspective and behavioral strategies. We identify your child’s strengths and leverage your child’s profile to maximize his/her verbal and social success.
Auditory Processing Disorders (C/APD) – we help children, families and schools to develop strategies for academic success in the face of auditory processing difficulties.
Dyslexia – whether your child has visual tracking difficulties or language based difficulties in literacy, we help children of all ages and levels progress in (and enjoy) reading (English / Hebrew)
Receptive / Expressive Language – we help children develop strategies to promote better oral and written expression (word-retrieval, vocabulary, spelling, etc.) and better listening and reading comprehension.
Late talkers – we help parents determine when to initiate therapy and when to hold-off and “watch and see.” We give parents the tools they need to facilitate their children’s speech-language development.
Other learning disabilities – we use our training and experience to understand, engage and motivate children with a wide range of learning profiles.