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Recruiter – North Hollywood, CA

Expired on: Mar 31, 2021
Date Posted: Mar 2 2021
Employment Type: Full-time
Job Location: North Hollywood - CA


We are currently seeking a dynamic individual to take on the role of corporate recruiter. We are looking for a vibrant, motivated, and creative individual with the ability to multitask and who has a strong;

• Attention to detail
• Team member that builds relationships
• Action orientated
• Career ambition
• Creative
• Knows diversity
• Has a nose for talent
• Not afraid of selecting strong people
• Good presentation skills
• Time management skills
• Productive work habits

This position requires analytical strength and the ability to work as part of a team. Must have a vehicle and be willing to drive if necessary. The Recruiter’s primary responsibility is to continually improve the organization’s ability to attract, select, and retain highly qualified team members. This position will develop robust recruiting strategies to attract active and passive talent into the organization, and will build effective relationships with prospective talent and manage ongoing hiring manager relationships. The position is a key contributor to our mission, and we provide the talent to deliver on this mission to our patients.
Don’t have the experience but have the passion and dedication? Apply and interview with us for an opportunity for us to train you. If you have the will to learn and are dedicated we would love to hear from you!

Responsibilities and Duties

• Manage projects through leading and executing staffing projects to ensure our client needs are met
• Recruit, interview and select job applicants that will meet client requested qualifications
• Develop or implement recruiting strategies to meet current or anticipated client staffing needs
• Create and/or follow all appropriate hiring procedures for the company
• Educate job applicants on details such as duties and responsibilities, compensation, benefits, schedules, working conditions, or promotion opportunities
• Engage with active job sites through regular site visits to assure the client’s needs are met and the projects are properly staffed at all times
• Maintain Human Resources Information System records and compile reports from database as necessary
• Manage and coordinate site specific training, drug screens, orientation, onboarding and assignment of employees to projects
• Maintain a project recruiting dashboard for all active jobs
• Serve as a link between management and employees by handling questions, interpreting and administering contracts and helping resolve work-related problems.

Qualifications and Skills

• College Degree preferred but not required.
• Recruiter experience 1 year minimum
• Strong interpersonal skills; excellent customer service skills
• Strong organizational skills.
• Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite and customary business applications
• Reliable transportation and flexibility to visit job sites

Sorry! This job has expired.

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