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SLPA Interview

SLPA Interview Guide


Interview guide for SLPA’s Interviews are always stressful especially if it is your

12 Best Books for Speech Therapy


12 Best Books for Speech Therapists to Use Happy World Book Day! In

Should I Get my SLPA License or Go Straight to Grad School?


Should I Get my SLPA License or Go Straight to Grad School Many

SLPA program at Biola University


SLPA program at Biola University Biola University located in Southern California offers undergraduate

Toddler Sensory Activities for Speech Therapy


Why Are Sensory Activities Important? Why are toddler sensory activities for speech therapy

Supervising SLPA’s vs. CFY’s


What is the difference between supervising SLPA's and Mentoring CFY's? Speech Language Pathologists

Pediatric Speech Therapy

speech therapy for children jobs,Uncategorized

What is pediatric speech and language therapy exactly? Pediatric speech and language therapy's

SLPA Salary Rates in California

SLP job openings,speech therapy for children jobs,Therapy

What is the #1 secret for earning a higher SLPA salary? I’m here

How to Become a Licensed SLP in California


  DEAR future SLP's:  If you are interested in getting your Speech-Language Pathology

4 Tips on How to Succeed in Your Speech Therapy (SLPA) Career


*How to Advance your SLPA career*   As wonderful as a SLPA career

6 Best Tips on How to find Speech Language Pathology Assistant jobs (SLPA)


Speech Language pathology assistant jobs in California! Have you ever wondered about the

Everything About Language Developmental Stages (you must know this)


If you are here, chances are that either you are a parent concerned

How to become a Licensed SLPA in California


Step-by-step guide on how to become a licensed Speech Language Pathologist Assistant in

Are you looking for new SLP (Speech Language Pathology) jobs?


Speech Language Pathology is one of the most rewarding jobs that can make

Johansen therapy


Johansen individualised auditory stimulation (IAS) therapy is a way of developing and improving

Indirect therapy


The indirect speech and language therapy is any form of therapy that is

Useful apps


Technology is constantly expanding in our everyday lives, but rather than trying to