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Our Vision and Mission

Want to be part of something great?

There are very few opportunities in life to participate in something special and when you have it, you must pounce on it.

Speech Improvement Center is on the mission to create something great, something nobody in the Speech Therapy Industry has seen before.

What is that?

A brand that people recognize as the leaders in Speech Therapy.

Our vision is: Empowering Children’s Voices by developing the greatest leaders in Speech Therapy

So what happens when our vision comes to fruition? We get the blessing of improving thousands of kids lives every week.

How will be accomplish our vision?

Our mission of : Being the Best Premiere speech therapy solution. To exceed our clienteles, expectations, for service, quality, and value. To provide our employees with a great place to work where growth in championed. We serve our community with our hearts and minds.

Being a trailblazer in the Speech Therapy industry has giving us the opportunity to create Americas first ever Speech Therapy Brand, which empowers our Clinicians to not only Wow our customers but create a work culture that our fellow SICers can be proud of.

Join us on this amazing journey to create a legacy that empowers children’s voices for generations to come.