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12 Best Books for Speech Therapy

April 25, 2022 Revineh Barouni Comments Off

12 Best Books for Speech Therapists to Use

Happy World Book Day!

In honors of world book day, I went around and asked a couple of our SLP’s and SLPA’s to suggest books that they love for therapy, as well as educational speech therapy books.

Here are some of their suggestions 😊


Educational Speech Therapy Books

  1. The SLP’s Guide to Treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech

    This book is a great resource to have that gives information about how to effectively treat toddlers, preschoolers, and early intervention kids who may have childhood apraxia. This book covers everything from importance of early target selection to incorporating technology into therapy.

  2. Difference or Disorder?

    This is an amazing book that teaches you how to differentiate between errors related to second-language influence or communication disorders. It covers different cultures, languages, and patterns in speech.

  3. Clinical Workbook for Speech-Language Pathology Assistants

    This is a great book if you are a new SLPA or SLP. The book includes activities, apps, and basic treatment objectives that guides therapists to choose the correct treatment method. It covers:

    • Speech Sound Disorders
    • Communicative Intent
    • Language Disorders
    • Social Language
    • Complex Communicative Needs
    • Literacy
    • Behavior Management Techniques.

    And includes activities that addresses each communication need.

  4. The School-Age child who Stutters: Working Effectively with Attitudes and Emotions

    This book is great for understanding Stuttering and treatments available for it. The main focus of the book is assessing and treating feelings and beliefs in school age children that may cause stuttering. It also includes numerous strategies for helping children make positive changes and achieve results

Books to Use During Speech Therapy

  1. Dr. Seuss Mr. Brown Can Moo, How about You?

    This book is intended for babies and toddlers. The book is fun with icons to point to, buttons to press, and silly sounds that play.

  2. Press Here (Fun for following directions)

    This is a fun interactive book that has buttons on each page. There are specific directions to follow on each page, making the book fun and interactive. For speech therapy, this book is amazing for having fun and teaching toddlers to follow directions.

  3. Sheep in a Jeep (Prepositions)

    This is a fun book to read to toddlers and when it comes to speech therapy, it is great for teaching prepositions to toddlers.

  4. Brown Bear Brown Bear

    This book is just great for learning. It has great easy to read text and lots of fun and colorful images that you can use to target multiple speech goals with.

  5. Round is a Tortilla / Green is a Chile Pepper/ One is a Pinata

    As you can see by the titles, each book is targeting different goals. You can use Round is a Tortilla to teach kids about different shapes. You can use Green is a Chile Pepper to teach toddlers about different colors. You can use One is a Pinata to teach kids about numbers.

  6. How Do Dinosaurs …

    These are another great book series to target different speech goals for children. They have many different books intended for different ages and different goals!

  7. Pete the Cat book collection

    These books are great for toddlers and kids. For speech therapy, these books can be used for re-directing/engaging the client; targeting prelinguistic skills such as joint attention, shared enjoyment, etc.
    You can target goals such as:

    • Describing- nouns, verbs, adjectives
    • People- I, my, you
    • Sequencing- First, next, then
    • Following steps
    • Identify
    • Answer Wh Q’s
    • Label/Name objects
    • Imitate words and actions (while singing and dancing).

  8. Llama Llama collection

    These are interesting stories that most toddlers enjoy reading and listening to. These books are great for speech when it comes to targeting goals like:

    • recalling event/stories skills
    • expending/understanding core vocabulary
    • answering questions (e.g., What do think he is going to say?)
    • so much more . . .


Here are some of the book suggestions I got from our Therapists.


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