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We are a Los Angeles based private practice offering a holistic range of therapy services for children.

We specialise in child psychology, speech & language therapy, teen therapy, & support services for families and schools.

It is the aim of Speech Improvement Center to provide an exceptional standard of service to meet the therapy needs of children throughout the USA at the home, clinic or in school.

We work alongside parents/carers and teachers to support children to develop their communication. We use fun and motivating activities to help children make changes to their communication with the aim of impacting their ability to make friends, to learn at school and to be successful.

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Limited Caseloads

We have limited caseloads allowing us the time to attend courses, seminars and conduct research in order to provide the best modern evidence-based therapy and ensure we are always developing our clinical skills.

Meaningful Relationships

We have a limited number of children in our caseloads so we have time to build meaningful relationships with the families, teachers and other professionals working with the children. It is so important for everyone to be working together to ensure the children are reaching their maximum potential.

Unique Tailored Therapy

We spend more time tailoring therapy to the children’s needs, creating materials and planning a fun-filled, learning enriched session. Our approach enables us to help your child develop in the crucial development years of their life.


When we provide therapy your child will receive the experience, research and expertise of not only the therapist your child sees but the decades of international experience our team has; from our open-plan office to our regular team and individual meetings; collaboration is in our design.

Our Process

How Speech Improvement Center Works



Our speech and language therapists provide a routine or in-depth assessment to establish a child’s difficulties and to provide options on how best we will be able to help each child.


We can provide a range of different treatment options to help support each child's difficulties. Treatment will be holistic and tailored to each child’s needs.


Once a child has achieved their individualised goals and has reached the highest of their ability we will discharge them from the service if the referrer is in agreement.


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