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Speech Improvement Center is dedicated to giving the best therapeutic experiences to our children and their families. We ensure that our services incorporate our families every step of the way in their child’s developmental progress. We specialize in providing in home therapy and in clinic therapy services throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area for all ages with a focus autism on infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Our speech therapy services are available to all families in a wide array of settings to include: In office, in-home, at school, virtual centers, and anywhere else to make your child feel as comfortable as possible. Speech Improvement Center provides speech language therapists throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area, with our Speech Therapy offices located in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Orange County.

Speech Improvement Center is the premiere Speech Therapy solution for people with severe speech issues. We provide our services in throughout Ventura county.
Speech Improvement Center provides a full array of services for child speech therapy services such as: Appraisal, Diagnosis, Evaluations, Assessments and much more.
Are you a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, or a Speech Therapist in need of completing your Clinical Fellowship Year? Then you arrived at the right place.
Speech Improvement Center changed my child's life. From the first day we worked with the therapist we could see improvements in our child's speech. Before working with the therapist our child was shy but after a few sessions we could see his confidence improving and getting better. Thank you Speech improvement center.
Mac Taylor