Jumpstart Your Career as a Speech Pathology Clinical Fellow!

Get the experience you need to complete your clinical fellowship year in California! We’ll be by your side every step of the way with the training you need to be even more successful.

We only have a limited number of fellowships available. Just complete the form below and our team will reach out with the next steps.


    When you join as a clinical fellow you’ll get:

    Access to diverse clinical training programs designed to lead you toward a successful SLP career
    Support every step of the way from your community of fellows, expert staff at all our 25+ locations, and from the company as a whole.
    To do work that matters, establish your career path, and have a plan for the future.
    Honestly, we love the work that we do. We’re making a difference in the community and helping kiddos find success. If that sounds interesting to you and you’re ready to jumpstart your career with a clinical fellowship, just click the button below.

    Your Clinical Fellowship Year

    As you probably know, your clinical fellowship year is to help you practice and get the experience you need to become a speech language pathologist.
    Our clinical fellowship program was designed to help you advance your career and we’re excited to extend this opportunity to people who:
    We’ve been serving the community for over 10 years and have 25 locations throughout California from Sacramento to San Diego.

    Our Locations

    Helping people at 25 locations in California

    Clinical Fellowship year with Speech Improvement Center

    We are now looking for a spirited, dedicated and proficient Clinical Fellow to grow with our company. Join a team of speech therapists who you can collaborate with and who are caring and fun loving.

    Our team will be there every step of the way, providing:

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