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Therapy Speech Improvement Center provide

Speech Improvement Center can provide a range of therapy, some of the therapy we provide includes:

Receptive Language Therapy

Attention and listening therapy can help improve the length of time children can attend to an activity. It can help children learn and retain new and important information in the future.

Expressive language therapy

Expressive language therapy is any form of therapy that helps children improve their use of language. This may focus on vocabulary or narrative production.

Multidisciplinary therapy

Our speech and language therapists sometimes work alongside other professionals in order to provide the most appropriate therapy for each individual child. This is particularly useful for those children with more complex needs.


The purpose of speech and language therapy

There are many reasons for delivering speech and language therapy to children, some reasons include:

  • Improving current skill base to reduce frustration.

  • Increasing independence and independent learning.

  • Increasing social interaction and development of meaningful friendships and relationships.

  • Improve self-esteem and confidence.

To allow us to provide high quality speech and language therapy that makes a positive functional impact our speech and language therapist will review your child’s progress and skills in every session to allow therapy to be tailored accordingly.

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