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What is a Speech Therapist?

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    What do speech therapists do?

    Speech therapists diagnose and treat communication and speech disorders. They also conduct assessments to determine if the patient needs speech therapy services. If they do, they then conduct evaluations to determine what types of therapy they need and come up with goals and therapy plans for the patient.

    Speech therapists work with different populations, such as pediatric or adult. to help with:

    • Speech disorders
    • Language disorders
    • Social communication disorders
    • Cognitive communication disorders
    •  Swallowing disorders


    Speech Pathology Job Outlook

    Employment of Speech Language Pathologists is projected to grow 21% from 2021 to 2023, much faster than the average for all occupations!

    Different Employment Settings

    Most common settings
    Private Practices

    Difference Between SLP & SLPA

    The main difference between a speech language pathologist (SLP) and s speech language pathology assistant (SLPA) is their qualifications. 

    SLP’s must receive a master’s degree along with a license from the state in which they wish to practice.

    SLPA’s need an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in a related subject to qualify for a SLPA job. Depending on the state they are practicing, SLPA’s might be required to have a valid license in the state.

    How to Become a Speech-Language-Pathology Assistant (SLPA)

    Route #1:

    •  Attend a 4-year university 
    • Major in Communication sciences & disorders
    • Apply for a SLPA program
    • Complete 70-100 hours of field work experience
    • Apply for a SLPA license

    Route #2:

    • Attend a community college with a speech pathology program
    • Complete 70-120 Hours of field work experience
    • apply for a SLPA license

    Approved SLPA Programs

    Online Bachelors Programs

    Schools with Bachelors Degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders

    How to Become a Speech-Language-Pathologist (SLP)

    • Get a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders
    • Earn a master of science in speech-language-pathology
      • Incorporates the required 400 clinical hours of experience
    • Complete a clinical fellowship
      • Requires 1,260 hours of mentored clinical experience
    • Pass the Praxis exam
      • Must score 162 points or higher out of 200 points
    • Get certified by ASHA & the state
      • Make sure to check the state requirements 
    • Gain more skills through CEU’s

    Schools in California That Offer a Master's Degree in Speech Pathology

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