About Us

About Us

Passion and Enthusiasm

We are a highly skilled team of speech and language therapists that provide a nationwide service to any child with speech, language, communication, voice and feeding difficulties.

Our speech and language therapists are passionate and enthusiastic about helping each child achieve their best quality of life and are experienced in working with a range of difficulties.

At Speech Improvement Center, we aim to provide gold standard assessments and therapy to all of our clients. We strive to provide the most effective, evidence-based therapy that is engaging and fun for all involved; and vitally, gets great results.

25 years of experience

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Our Process

How Speech Improvement Center Works



Our speech and language therapists provide a routine or in-depth assessment to establish a child’s difficulties and to provide options on how best we will be able to help each child.


We can provide a range of different treatment options to help support each child's difficulties. Treatment will be holistic and tailored to each child’s needs.


Once a child has achieved their individualised goals and has reached the highest of their ability we will discharge them from the service if the referrer is in agreement.

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Please contact one of our friendly speech and language therapists to discuss how we can help and what services we can offer you. Email info@speechimprovementcenter.com or call us on


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