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Our Journey: Get to Know us and Our Vision

We are a highly skilled team of speech and language therapists that provide a nationwide service to any child with speech, language, communication, voice and feeding difficulties.


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Our mission

How will we accomplish our vision?

Our mission will take us to where we need to be.

Being a trailblazer in the Speech Pathology industry has giving us the opportunity to create America’s first ever Speech Therapy Brand, which empowers our clinicians to not only WOW our patients but create a work culture that our fellow SIC’ers can be proud of.

Join us on this amazing journey to create a legacy that empowers children’s voices for generations to come!

Our vision

Hey you… yes YOU!

Want to be a part of something GREAT?

There are very few opportunities in life to participate in something extraordinary and when the opportunity arises you don’t want to let it go!

Speech Improvement Center is on a mission to create something GREAT, something nobody in the field of Speech Pathology has seen before.

What is that you say?

A brand.

Leaders in the industry pioneering the way.

SIC is the company that people recognize and want to be a part of that has paved the way for exceptional leaders in the industry.

Our vision is:

Empowering Children’s Voices by developing the greatest leaders in Speech Therapy

What happens when our vision comes to fruition you say?

We have the honor of making a significant difference in thousands of children’s lives every single week.

We invest in the development of our teams to promote the highest level of excellence, results oriented care, and aspirational leadership.

Passion and Enthusiasm

Our speech and language therapists are passionate and enthusiastic about helping each child achieve their best quality of life and are experienced in working with a range of disorders.

At Speech Improvement Center, we aim to provide gold standard assessments and therapy to all of our clients. We strive to provide the most effective, evidence-based therapy that is engaging and fun for all involved; and vitally, gets great results.

Over 75 experienced speech therapists!

Let's get your child a world-class treatment

Speech Improvement Center will help to increase your child’s ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings, as well understand others and the world around them.

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