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Speech Improvement Center provides speech therapy services in Glendale, Eagle Rock, Pasadena, Atwater Village, and Griffith Park. We specialize in providing in-home and in-clinic services for all ages with a focus on infants, toddlers, and preschoolers likewise children with autism. Our speech therapy services are available to all families in a wide array of settings to include: in-home, at school, virtual centers, and anywhere else to make your child feel as comfortable as possible. Speech Improvement Center provides speech language therapists throughout Los Angeles County, with our Speech Therapy office centrally located in Glendale.


Why use Speech Therapy Glendale?

Speech Improvement Center Glendale is dedicated to giving the best therapeutic experiences to our children and their families. We ensure that our speech therapy services incorporate our families every step of the way in their child’s developmental progress.


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Are you in need of speech therapy services and live in or near the city of Glendale, Eagle Rock, Pasadena, Atwater Village, and Griffith Park? Then give us a call today so that we may be able to provide you with an assessment of where you child is currently and write proper goals for them.



Join our team to help shape the future of speech therapy for children and their families. Want to learn more about our company? Then send us your resume or please visit us at Speech Therapy Glendale.

Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) – Glendale, CA

Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) – Glendale, CA

Clinical Fellowship Year Speech Therapist (CFY) – Glendale, CA


Speech Improvement Center

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