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Top 7 stuttering therapy activities for kids

Top 7 stuttering therapy activities for kids

It’s not always easy to find fun and engaging and effective stuttering therapy activities for your kids. If you have been searching for some stuttering therapy activities then you have come to the right place. Children love fun. Here is a list of 7 school-age stuttering therapy activities that you can use in a variety of settings such as at home,  in person or tele-practice. These activities are fun-filled. The activities will also help your child understand stuttering better. You can modify and use these activities based on your child’s level and requirements.

  1. Create a list of all the speech techniques that your child can remember.

Children tend to forget their techniques time and again. Helping them note it down and find the missing pieces can help you understand where the child is struggling. It also helps the child understand what more needs to be done to correct their techniques. This in turn makes your technique more effective. Then, practice the technique. You can choose words, phrases, sentences etc. Make sure the child is comfortable with the level. You can choose a topic of your child’s interest in the form of pictures, stories etc.

  1. Review the most common types of stuttering behaviors that the child demonstrates.

These are most commonly part-word repetitions, prolongations, and blocks.  You can use pictures or videos to make the child understand their own dysfluencies. Talk about each dysfluency. Later on, you can even explain how strategies work to help these dysfluencies.

  1. Help your child list their challenges with stuttering.

You can make the list in order of the most difficult challenge to the least difficult one. Also remember to make a list  of some of the cool things about stuttering. Encourage the children to share their opinions with you. This way the children can be more open about their stuttering. You can tackle these challenges one at a time. It will help improve their quality of life and future experiences with stuttering over time.

stuttering therapy activities for kids


  1. Talk about some articles about successful people who stutter.

You can introduce the children to famous persons like politicians, sportspersons, celebrities etc. who stutter. Every person will have a different story. You can also ask the child if they have any person’s story that they like. You can have a conversation about why they chose that story. Ask questions about ‘Why did you choose this story?’, ‘What does this story mean to you?’ etc.

  1. Make a list of various topics that you can talk about.

You can find these lists online as well. You can make chits and put them in a bowl or use a spinner as well. For example:

  • My favorite place to visit is……
  • When I am happy, I like to..…
  • If I had the ability to fly I would.…

You can use this list to talk about stuff and practice your speech goals as well. You can encourage parents to use these activities at home as well.

  1. Find and talk about motivational quotes by people who stutter.

Talk about these quotes and what it means to them. Engage their family as well. You can discuss each one’s perspective about the quotes. Talk about why they have chosen the quote and what about it motivates them. You can also help the child make their own quotes about stuttering and have them discuss them with you.

stuttering therapy activities for kids

  1. Help the child make self-goals.

Create at least two speech goals that your child would want to achieve for that particular year. You can write those goals on the front page of your stuttering notebook. This way every time the child opens the book, your child would be reminded of their speech goals. This is a great way to keep children motivated to achieve their speech goals. You can write statements like “My speech goals for 22-23 are….”

These were some of the activities that you can use with your child. There are a lot more stuttering therapy activities that can be used with children. Always remember to consult your child’s speech language pathologist before using stuttering therapy activities with your child. Your child’s speech language pathologist is the best person to help you with any stuttering related query or information.



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