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Johansen therapy

Johansen individualised auditory stimulation (IAS) therapy is a way of developing and improving an individual’s listening, it can be useful for both children and adults and guides the individual to focus on what they hear. The therapy involves listening to specially designed music that helps organise and identify auditory information. Johansen IAS therapy is particularly […]

Indirect therapy

The indirect speech and language therapy is any form of therapy that is not directly delivered to the child or individual with speech and language difficulty. Pointless? Well, indirect therapy is a method of therapy that is extremely useful in itself. Indirect therapy can be delivered by parents, assistants, carers, teachers, other professionals or anyone […]

Useful apps

Technology is constantly expanding in our everyday lives, but rather than trying to eliminate technology, it may be beneficial to utilise it. Technology can be a great way to ‘keep your child busy’ when necessary, however it is best to see technology as a facilitator (helping hand) of communication and an activity you can take […]