BlogSLP job openingsAre you looking for new SLP (Speech Language Pathology) jobs?

Are you looking for new SLP (Speech Language Pathology) jobs?

Speech Language Pathology is one of the most rewarding jobs that can make positive impact on many lives. Speech Therapists are experts in communication. They treat many types of communication problems. Here at Speech Improvement Center, we work with Pediatric population and with many different disorders such as: expressive, receptive, voice, apraxia, articulation and etc.

With the current job market in California, it is very difficult for SLP’s and CFY’s to find a job opportunity with a company that offers growth opportunities, support, benefits, while also providing a friendly environment with a company culture that treats its employees as their greatest assets.

Speech Improvement Center offers a career path for the speech therapists who are looking to become more than just therapists. We provide the opportunity for our SLP and CFY’s to advance their career while making a great change in both their lives as well as children’s’ lives.

Looking for jobs, especially in the Los Angeles County, can be very frustrating and long. Speech Improvement Center is here to help make the job search for you much easier and enjoyable. We have 16 active locations in southern California (Los Angeles) and we have many job openings for:

  • SLP (speech language pathologist)
  • CFY (Clinical Fellowship Year)
  • SLP Supervisor

We offer full time and part time SLP / CFY positions!

Applying for an SLP job with Speech Improvement Center is very easy.

You can visit our website with our job openings for all positions and locations. Simply, just search the job title, or the location you are interested in, and submit your resume.

The link for Speech Language Pathology job opening:

By working with Speech Improvement Center, you can get many opportunities to move up or across the Career ladder, or even become the next CEO of the company. There are infinite opportunities that are offered and many different training programs you can benefit from.



Regardless of your position as an SLP (Speech Language pathologist) or a CFY (clinical fellow), or how experienced you are as a speech therapist, we have great opportunities waiting for you here at Speech Improvement Center.

Apply for a position with Speech Improvement Center if you are determined to have a bright and successful future as a Speech Therapist.


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