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Interview guide for SLPA’s Interviews are always stressful especially if it is your first time interviewing for a position. I am here to help you have a more successful SLPA interview.   What

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Should I Get my SLPA License or Go Straight to Grad School Many of us have this dilemma after finishing our undergrad studies in communication disorders or speech language pathology, to whether get

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SLPA program at Biola University Biola University located in Southern California offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of communication disorders. The university also offers a competitive SLPA programs for students who

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What is the difference between supervising SLPA's and Mentoring CFY's? Speech Language Pathologists have the option to supervise speech language pathology assistant's (SLPA's) or become a mentor for Clinical Fellows who are working

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What is the #1 secret for earning a higher SLPA salary? I’m here to help you clarify exactly how you can do this. The two most common SLPA salary options are hourly or

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*How to Advance your SLPA career*   As wonderful as a SLPA career is, there is little to no opportunity to advance and grow your career. In order to be able to grow

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Speech Language pathology assistant jobs in California! Have you ever wondered about the job market for speech language pathologist assistant jobs in Los Angeles? Well, let me tell you. It is competitive. Probably

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Speech Language Pathology is one of the most rewarding jobs that can make positive impact on many lives. Speech Therapists are experts in communication. They treat many types of communication problems. Here at