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In today’s world, various known disorders cause a delay in a child’s speech and language development. One among these disorders is Apraxia of speech. When a child is suspected of having a speech

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Stuttering is a fluency disorder that can start during early childhood. Many times, these disfluencies go away on their own. However, for some children, it can persist for a long time. As a

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As human beings, we are accustomed to performing various activities throughout the day. Right from the moment we wake-up, and till we go to bed. We have various routine activities such as brushing

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Apraxia of speech in children, or Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), is a motor speech disorder. The child has difficulty saying sounds, syllables, and words in this speech disorder. They know exactly what they

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Children love to talk. Whether it is while playing or while quarreling, children use their voices to shout, scream, talk, yell, etc. When children use their voices for long periods, it can cause

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Does your child say “wook” for “look”? Or have you heard them say “wowipop” instead of lollipop”? For some children, the /L/ sound can be difficult to master. One of the most common

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Enjoy these outdoor speech activities for kids who love the outdoors! Have fun and happy playing! Activity #1: Playing with bubbles Every child loves to play with bubbles. Who doesn’t? Did you know

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Is there a need for speech therapy for Autism? Many autistics have speech and language-related challenges. Since each person is different, each one has different needs. People with Autism have various challenges, such

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Stuttering has been in over 70 million people all over the world. With more than 3 million Americans stuttering, it is essential to know some crucial things about stuttering. In this blog, we

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Teaching verbs to children is very important. Listening to your children speak is a joyous and emotional experience for parents. A child's first words are usually nouns such as Mama, Dada, Baba, etc.

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